About Awesome!

What does Awesome! do?

We are a fresh new consumer brand with the mission of shaking things up and creating the best performing range of everyday products and delivering them to our customers front doors directly from production.

While traditional brands rely on the established retailer model of long, indirect and expensive routes to market we operate a highly automated and efficient factory to front door, direct-to-consumer model.

Utilising the efficiencies of a direct-to-consumer model together with using our own brand ‘Awesome!’ immediately cuts out all unnecessary costs like big offices, large warehouses, substantial marketing departments and highly paid managers to run them!

More importantly it allows us to put more of our customers hard earned money into the product they’re buying, while getting what they’ve bought into their hands much quicker after it’s produced!

All our products use own brand ‘Awesome!’ and slogan #MakeYouSmile and are sold exclusively through our country stores with shipping is booked, tracked and monitored by us directly!

Working on a From and To basis gives us a high level of flexibility to choose where we source from and sell to in order to fully optimise the quality of our customer experience.

Andrea Madgwick

Andrea is one of the two founders of Awesome! and has over 20 years experience in design, branding and print. Andrea created from zero all the companies branding, website and mobile app designs.

Day to day Andrea looks after customer support making sure our customers get their orders on time and in once piece.

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Andrea Madgwick

Christian Newman

Christian Newman

Christian is one of the two founders of Awesome! and has 18 years experience building consumer focused brands, products and technology.

Day to day Christian spends his time refining and increasing our country stores portfolio to both source and supply products to and from new territories.

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#MakeYouSmile is the companies slogan and is a registered trademark and the sits at the heart of our products.

When displayed alone it contains ® registered trademark symbol.

The slogan is incorporated within the companies main brand. In using #MakeYouSmile provides our customers with a way of joining a conversation about our company and our products.